We also offer services at a reduced fee for non-insured patients or those not electing to utilize third party payment options, subject to availability of staffing. Please request prior to your first appointment.

Preparing for the first appointment:

Entering Counseling or seeking services due to a recent arrest can be stressful and overwhelming. Rest assured, we have the experience to guide you through this process. You can call the office at 217-422-6908 to schedule an appointment and tell briefly what you are being seen for to make sure we allot you the correct amount of time for your appointment or you can notify us through the CONTACT US page. We ask that you arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment so all the appropriate forms be completed before meeting with one of the clinicians. Make sure you bring in your insurance card and ID!

If you are coming in for any other service, please bring in any information you think might be important to know in order to complete a thorough assessment of the concern you are being seen for. If your employer offers an "EAP", please have this information available.The following fees are typically what is billed to your insurance. Please be aware that insurance may cover most or all of the fees, depending on your benefits:

  • Assessment (mental health/substance abuse)  $200.00-$250.00
  • Individual, family, couples Counseling              $150.00
  • Group Counseling                                              $40.00
  • 10 Hour DUI Risk Education                              $150.00

DUI Evaluations, Risk Education, and Substance Abuse Treatment Clientele:

Clients needing to complete a DUI Evaluation will need to bring the following at the first appointment:

1. Your "Court Purposes Driving Abstract". This is a history of your driving record. You may retrieve this from the DMV.

2. A copy of the "Warning to Motorist or Officer's Sworn Report". This was provided to you at the time of the arrest from the police officer if your arrest was alcohol related.

3. Some form of ID to verify who you are.

4. The fee for a DUI evaluation that includes a drug screen (required by most courts) is $125.00, $95 without the drug screen, payable on your first appointment. If you can not afford the fee and qualify for the indigent program through the state, please bring in verification of your income: tax returns, pay stubs, or a "notorized letter" from someone whom can verify your lack of income/benefits.

At your appointment, you will complete any paperwork, complete a written test on the computer (bring glasses if you need them to read!), be interviewed, and take a urinalysis. You should leave with the evaluation in hand as long as all the data was available during the evaluation process.